Labor Day weekend labors

Higher-level thinking
The problem with working for family is that family kinda sorta expects you to work whenever. Which makes me happy that the gym is closed today. Of course, that didn't stop me from having to go up to the gym on Saturday. One of our front desk staff hasn't quite caught the grasp of higher-level--well, even mid-level, for that matter--thinking. So, on a weekend, she let somebody buy $4 worth of stuff with a $100 bill. And then she wondered why there was no change left in the till. I guess it's a good thing the Momma likes her or she might be a bit unemployed at the moment.

"Because Mad Cow was already taken . . ."
It's a rather quirky, relatively plot-free movie, but I enjoyed A Prairie Home Companion. The cast is pretty phenomenal. Kevin Kline has been better, but I love Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep together. And Virginia Madsen was really quite good also. I do like her (as far as I'm concerned, she and Sandra Oh were the only redeemable features of Sideways).

Little LA
After Dec and his crew finished tearing down their last reception for the weekend. We all went out to Denny's wear they sat us in a booth that was a row so we couldn't even talk to each other. When we left, we learned that apparently the Denny's on Fifth becomes Little LA at two in the morning on Saturday nights. At least now we know where to find Utah's diversity. Oh, and we also know where to go if we want to do some drive-by pot. If we got high standing outside, ten feet away from the truck as it drove by at 10 mph, I wonder what was happening to the guys inside.

Book reviews on backorder
It occurs to me that I have read quite a number of books over the last few months that I haven't gotten around to reviewing. *sigh* So much work, but you, my four loyal readers, deserve my thoughts and opinions on these books (listed in reverse order):

I hope to get going on those reviews today.

Computer cleanup
I've had my new computer for nearly two years now. So this weekend, I finally cleaned off all my old files from my laptop. Which means I can now give it to Dec. Oh, and I can check that little task off my To Do list.

Blog party
Everyone's doing it. You should too.


Master Fob said...

Indeed you should.

Tolkien Boy said...

I didn't get high, but I have a pretty high tolerance for that sort of thing...

absent-minded secretary said...

Oh, I bet you can think of at least one other redeemable moment from Sideways. ;)

And, I have been meaning to ask you about Fablehaven and The Sea of Monsters... so I will be waiting on baited breath for the reviews.

Melyngoch said...

re: Denny's and Little L.A., the 7-11 on 5th and University in Provo does something similar. I never knew there were so many motorcycles, not to mention so much leather, in the whole state . . .

MikeyV said...

Unrelated to this blog, but on your advice, we went to see Little Miss Sunshine yesterday. J and I really enjoyed it, but we both weren't sure if we were supposed to laugh so much.

It is funny, labor day is one of two holidays that I "must" work. I somehow managed to escape by going to the movies with the boss. I don't think I'll be so lucky come Thanksgiving.

editorgirl said...

"Denny's wear they sat us. . ."

I love you too much to let you leave that.

Oh, and I miss you.

Th. said...


Already done it.

eleka nahmen said...

"Because Mad Cow was already taken.."

Hehe, that was grand. :D

Th. said...


I was just thinking yesterday....when is I coming along?