from DesMama:

I think the perception of how long the word has been around makes a difference, too. It's like Coworker not letting [anonymous author] use the phrase "Hey" or something even though it's been around since like the early eighteen hundreds, but it just didn't seem to fit in her "historical" (I use the term loosely) "romances" (also used loosely, except for the bodices, which are not loose and therefore must be ripped).

(All this to point out that the one aspect of editing that I miss is arguing over and sharing the gems that we came across in our authors' writing.)


Th. said...


How long will you be able to stay away?

Edgy said...

Good question. I like being in charge of things too much to go back to standard editorial.

I must confess that I saw a preliminary job posting this week to manage the NYU publishing program. Had I not bought a house so recently (and adopted a dog even more recently), there's a good chance I may have parlayed my editorial experience and my gym management experience into an application for the job.