bad ideas

I got a phone call this morning that the boy who was supposed to open the gym didn't come in. One of the other employees happened to decide to come in and work out at when we opened, so he opened and called absentee boy to find that he was sick. Which isn't a good thing, considering that he was covering someone else's morning shift and was then going to work his own afternoon shift.

What this all meant was that I got to come in and work this morning. Fortunately, our daycare employee showed up for her shift forty-five minutes early, which bought me time to actually shower and drive up to work the gym.

And then, following her daycare shift, she worked the front desk so I could go down to Hell Happy Valley for my afternoon appointments there. Now I'm back at the gym.

My question for absentee boy is this: What made you think that buying sushi from Smith's at 9 o'clock on a Friday night was a good idea?


Anonymous said...

Bad Idea II: You were in Hell, and you didn't come see me?!!

Anonymous said...

I decided to visit Heaven (ie: home) this weekend. And they let me, too!