I did; did you?

I hope everyone voted today. I know there are some people who didn't, even if their boyfriend printed off the registration form for them and placed it on their computer, continually moving it to the top of the pile for a week and a half before the registration deadline. But I know you are not those kind of people, so you voted.

I was excited to discover that my polling place was a mere four blocks from my house. Not that this did any good for me today, considering that I'm housesitting in Park City. But still, for future reference . . .

I'd been dreading the electronic voting machines, especially considering that they've not enjoyed a very stellar reputation. But they weren't bad. I liked that it gave you two opportunities to review your ballot.

I will say that I object to that little button at the beginning where you can opt to vote a straight party ticket. Even if I currently vote a very heavy Democrat ticket, I like to think that we're still out there voting for individual candidates.

Of course, my personal exception to this would be the congressional voting. Even though my voter registration clearly says that I'm in congressional district 1, I have been operating under the misconception that I live in congressional district 2. And I was so looking forward to voting against LaVar Christensen. But no, I'm in Rob Bishop's district. The one district where I don't really have a feeling about the congressman. (Because I would have loved to vote for Christian Burridge and against Chris "The Pages Egged Foley On" Cannon.) So I had to vote against Bishop just because he's a Republican and that was my way of voting against Christensen and Cannon. That was a sadness.

And I did vote in favor of Proposition 3, at the behest of a friend, even though I can't say that I'm truly in favor of it at the moment. I do agree that we need to improve our public transit and what not, but I really would like to see some provision made for reworking the death trap that is I-80 through Salt Lake. You take your life into your hands every time you want to get on or off the interstate there. And I have to do it every day.

This is the first year I've voted against the retention of judges. By my reading of the Utah Voter Information Pamphlet, I figure that Barrett's and Lewis's marks were too low.

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Anonymous said...

I did. But I had to go twice, the line was too long the first time.

Thank you for voting for yes for 3. Just think, if there are more people using public transit, there will be fewer cars on I-80.

And, the one good thing about voting in Utah County was that I got to vote against Chris Cannon.

I don't understand why everyone doesn't vote like Oregon. Everyone gets mailed their ballot two weeks before the election, you color in the bubbles and mail it back. No stupid punch cards with hanging chads, no waiting in lines, no computer glitches. The only bad side is that you get about 25 phone calls a day from whatever political party you are affiliated with reminding you to send in your ballot today in case you get hit by a car tommorow and then your vote wont't get counted. See how much you matter, we want to count your vote even if you are dead!