I keep thinking there are a number of things of late that I want to blog about. But I don't really feel like being political. And I'm not really in the mood to talk about the housesitting. And though I should tell the story about how we came to be dog owners, I've mentally blogged it a couple times, and verbally recounted it even more, so now I just can't bring myself to actually write it out. And then there are the far-too-many book reviews I need to pick up and do; I'm sure I don't even remember some of those books now. And I should also pick up the alphabiography again.


Right now, I just want to make some hot chocolate and curl up with a book. Maybe I will.

Work is frustrating. Everything seems to be an uphill battle, and I'm not sure how worth it I think it will be in the end. I've come to the realization that while I mostly enjoy what I'm doing, it's not my dream. And those whose dream it is seem to be shackling my wrists so that I can't do the things I think need to be done to make it a truly successful venture.

I guess life will continue and things will work out however it's intended that they work out. But will I miss out on other opportunities that are better for me while I'm slogging through this one?


MikeyV said...

I know that feeling. You have blog blah. Get well soon.

Th. said...


This is a reflection of about the most positive I've ever felt about any job....

editorgirl said...

Confession: I only read the comment about hot chocolate and a book, which makes me think we should plan to run into each other at a Devil's Den sometime in the very near future.


Anonymous said...

I have life blah. But, I've discovered the location of the campus stress lab and plan to visit it soon.

Hot chocolate= good. Book= good. Hot chocolate+book=excellent!

Anonymous said...

My vote is for some Stephen's Hazelnut and Lynne Truss anything. I'm pretty sure it's a cure-all.

Edgy said...

Mikey: I certainly hope the blog blah goes away soon.

Th: I think we need to find you a new job that you can love endlessly. Oh, wait. I tried to help with that but failed miserably. I'm sorry.

eg: I sincerely look forward to a Devil's Den Evening of Hot Chocolate. I think I'd even come down to your valley for that.

Katria: I discovered last night that a pleasant warmup to the excellent book + hot chocoloate is a bubble bath with the Daily Show and Colbert Report.

DesMama: I was just in the local independent bookstore and noticed that there is a big Lynne Truss book that is a compilation of her books and columns. I immediately thought of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Hell. I just bought Puppy a Doggy Bagel from Einstein's, but now I think I might eat it myself because you never across the point for me!

Edgy said...

But Absent, dear, you must bear in mind that I still see you a couple times a month. I haven't seen eg since, well, sometime this past summer.

And last week wasn't my fault. I had a three-hour window in which to accomplish things. Seeing you would have been a joy.

Edgy said...

And you shouldn't punish Puppy on my account.

Anonymous said...

But I am Absent!

Puppy will not be punished. With my psychic powers, I predict that Puppy will be so happy when she see me, next time she sees me, she will piddle all over the front porch.

I haven't seen you, or Dec, or Puppy at all during the month of November, not once! In fact, it has been sixteen days since I have seen the fab three.

But, I guess I can forgive you because I know that you are busy, because I realize that I am being a bit bratty, and because BYU beat Wyoming last night... and because I still need to return your book, so technically, I am indebted to you.

Edgy said...

Have we truly not seen you this month? Sheesh. I hate November.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. But, you really shouldn't hate November, because it marks your half birthday.

Happy, Belated Half-Birthday!

I think that I might have to go shopping tonight for new candle scents in order to suppress my grief at my Edgy-less-ness.

chosha said...

It's always a trade-off, isn't it? What we do costs us what we could have done instead. I guess that's when we make a change, when the opportunity cost becomes too high.