marking the neighborhood

My parents are out of town for a few weeks, which leaves the watching of the house and my older brother to me. Which isn't a problem, despite it being slightly inconvenient, what with a new dog and all. But Dec and I headed up there with Puppy on Sunday.

It did confuse her a bit, likely because it was her second new house in so many weeks. And all the smells. And the fact there the area where my parents has no grass. At all. Okay, maybe a couple houses have a miniscule strip. But this was all rather confusing to Puppy, who has learned that grass=toilet.

Because Auntie is going to come in to watch over things on Wednesdays, Dec and I were able to go back home last night. This made Puppy very happy.

Immediately after getting home, I took her on a walk. Okay, this would be one of those times when I guess you could say that she took me on a walk. But I figure a lot of it just had to do with being away for four days and having a good deal of pee-mail to catch up on. I'm going to wager that she was fairly dehydrated by the time we got home from the walk; I would have been.

But I have noticed that Puppy has interesting Necessary Room behaviors.

For example, sometimes it is appropriate to bury your business (be it liquid or solid) and sometimes it is not. I have absolutely no idea when it is appropriate and when it isn't. I hope to one day figure that out.

Also, she likes to jump into her peeing stance. It's a cute little hop, but a little bit more show than I think is necessary.

The last thing I have learned is that girl dogs can apparently lift their legs and pee like boy dogs. I had no idea. Or maybe Puppy is just more butch than other girl dogs I have had acquaintance with.


Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting to see, as she grows up, whether she is attracted to boy dogs or girl dogs. I trust you and Dec will accept and support her in whatever life decisions she makes.

Edgy said...

It will be interesting to see. Is she overly aggressive toward female dogs because she loves or hates them? Is she friendly with boy dogs because she views them as suitors or dyke dudes? Only time will tell.

Except that, technically, she is no longer a she but an it.

And we also will be unable to accept and support her in whatever life decisions she makes, but that's mostly because it currently seems to be pointing toward eating small dogs whole, and we're not so keen on that whole cannibalism thing.

Anonymous said...

She is not an it, really, she is a teyenu, a female eunuch.

MikeyV said...

Our dog went through an experimental phase. We supported him and loved him. Today, well we say he just loves all of god's creatures - regardless of gender/species. Of course he did have an unnatural infatuation with a male horse. I mean if you're going to go both ways, might as well go all the way, right?