an ode to Master Fob

Absent wasn't supposed to reveal my birthday gift to Master Fob, though I guess technically he didn't know I had done this. But now it looks like I'm unimaginative.

But that's too bad.

Regardless, happy birthday, Master Fob. In your honor, a bad poem . . .


There once was a master named Fob
Whose head was so large it would bob.
Up and down, left and right,
Oh! it was such a sight.
Aren't you glad he wasn't a hob-*



Anonymous said...

Edgy is the fount of all creative and imaginative thought in Utah. Edgy was the one who inspired the Almanac to create a Master Fob Day, so please read the Ode to Master Fob and give it all it's due attention. It is the prelude, the genesis, the inspiration of all Almanac Fobday memorialia.

Master Fob said...

The true genius lies in the footnote, of course.

Th. said...


Oh my gosh.


That's what I should be selling!