I just wanted to throw out a Thank you to everyone who made it to last night's festivities (even though many of those people don't read the blog). It was a fun and entertaining evening, and I think it was a success, even if we did watch The Last Unicorn instead of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).

Although the party was set to begin at 7ish, the Vet showed up at 6ish. Because he likes to be early. Even I don't do that early. But he's good with Puppy and with the kids, so it was actually rather nice for us as I brewed up a pot of my famous wassail. (I can say it's famous because DesMama asked for the recipe for her own holiday party last week and it was a hit there and she's going to write the recipe on an index card and call it Edgy's Wassail.)

We had a lovely fire going in the driveway for the cooking and burning of hot dogs and marshmallows. And we even figured out that the reason our light over the driveway doesn't come on is because the lightbulbs were dead. Now, you would think this would have been something we might have figured out over the summer, but it wasn't. This is why. I had assumed that Dec had already checked the bulbs. But he hadn't. Yesterday, while I was picking up chairs from the Momma's, I had this little notion that I should see what would happen if we changed the bulbs. What would happen is that we would have light. Granted, the lights stay on all night because they're only light sensitive and not motion sensitive, so we're going to replace the fixture. Even so, now we know.

We apologize to anyone who may have been harassed or annoyed by Pesky Neighbor Kid. For what it's worth, he was rather tame last night. (And one day I really ought to share some Pesky Neighbor Kid stories; it almost makes me long for drunken neighbor stories. Oh, wait. I have more drunken neighbor stories. Such as the One about the Drunken Man Who Vomited on Our Sidewalk the Night Before Our Twelfth Night Party story. But I'll save that one for another time.)

I think the highlight of last evening's festivities, however, would have to be the wassailing of the trees. Yes, those who managed to stay to the bitter end were treated to a toasting and wassailing of the trees. As corny as it may sound, it was quite fun. And yet none of us thought to take a picture of our first wassailing. Well, at least not until we were back inside, and at that point, we had no desire to go out and recreate the event for a Kodak moment.

Anyway, it was lovely to see everyone who came, and we missed those who were unable (except Eleka, but that's because we know she willfully stood us up).

Mark your calendars for next year, because we'll be doing it again.


Th. said...


Speaking of, when is the live version of The Last Unicorn with Christopher Lee supposed to be coming out?

Absent-minded Secretary said...

My calendar is marked. :)

eleka nahmen said...

Anyway, it was lovely to see everyone who came, and we missed those who were unable (except Eleka, but that's because we know she willfully stood us up).

Your information came from a biased source. My evening was comprised of freezing my tush off, nearly getting hit by a car, breaking a nail, getting sick, and going home to bed.

Keeping everybody happy is a more difficult task than I am ever given credit for attempting.

MikeyV said...

Maybe if we buy that Utah vacation home we'll be there next year. Unicorns and Wassail!