We discovered that there's a lovely little movie theater in Salt Lake--the Tower--that is playing the shorts (both animated and live action). So we harassed Absent into coming up this evening and had a most enjoyable time.

Better yet, our Oscar Movie Melee count is now up to 25. (I'll update the list after I finish posting this.) That so rocks! And we can feasibly get in three more this week. Woo hoo!

Oh, and anyone who wants to watch the Oscars with us, just let me know.


Absent-minded Secretary said...

I like it when people harrass me because they want to spend time with me, or even if they just want to watch movies with me... but either way, I got to spend quality time with Edgy and Dec.

Th. said...


Oh, that's awesome! I never see the shorts for at least a year after the awards, and then never all of them. Well done!

Th. said...


I just found out they were all showing a mile from my house.