curse you, Miss Nemesis

As you may recall, I had the wonderful opportunity last week to take a snow day. What should have been a lovely day spent cuddling on the couch with Puppy reading a book was not, however.

No . . . Because of Miss Nemesis, I spent the day online.

You see, because I now use an online blog reader (which I may or may not discontinue using because I'm not overly thrilled with it, but due to the nasty bit of computer crashage that happened back in January, I see great merits to having everything online), I actually have begun visiting people's blogs to read their posts instead of merely reading them in the reader. A week ago today, I happened to stumble across a remarkable little widget in Nemesis's sidebar that displays random books from her library.

I followed the link, and lo and behold, I have discovered LibraryThing.

One might say this is rather fortuitous, considering that with said crashage of the computer back in January I have lost--for the third time--my electronic library catalog. But I fear it is not so fortuitous.

I have now spent the last week creating my library. This has entailed:

  • removing books from shelves so I can access their ISBNs and then placing the books back on the shelves, questioning if they're actually where I truly, truly want them.
  • tagging books with labels to give some semblance of organization to my library, a process which is not yet near to being completed.
  • discovering the active online community at LibraryThing where you get to join groups and discussion sites.
  • digging up archived reviews from my blog and linking them to my library and realizing how much of a slacker I've been for much of the last year in my failure to review any books.
  • creating a widget to put in my sidebar so my three readers get treated to random books from my library every time they stop by my actual blog.
  • debating whether or not to include all the books in my library in My Library. This debate stems from two books in particular that Absent has noted happen to be located in the center of one of my bookcases, though this is purely coincidental to subject and is not putting any emphasis on import, but I'm not sure if I want their covers popping up in the widget, what with the large amount of children's and YA books featured herein. At the same time, I don't feel it appropriate to marginalize these books based on their subject matter. It is verily a quandary.
  • finding suggestions for other books that I now must own. My poor wallet.

So, I cry from the rooftops, Curse you, Miss Nemesis!


Sir Robert Chiltern said...

How fun! I truly wish I read enough to ponder doing such a thing. My library tends to be easily summed up in three categories A) religious books B) computer books and C) French books. Seriously - that's the bulk of it.

I do have one or two interesting books I'm trying to get to. Maybe this weekend on vacation I'll have time to do a bit of reading by the pool. Yea!

Oh, and I would love to borrow Skipping Towards Gomorrah sometime, pending your completion. It looked interesting.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Apparently, I have nothing to say, because blogger has twice deleted my comments.

Three readers. Whatever.

Nemesis said...

Hee hee, you're in for it now.

Katria said...

And it's because of you that I have also gotten into Library Thing. I don't know if I should thank you for that or not. Thankfully I'm not quite as manic about it as you are.

eleka nahmen said...

I like that you have Library Thing - it makes it so much easier to use you as a Dynamic Book