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a letter in this morning's Deseret News:

Why is there so much interest and support for Hillary Clinton for president? According to Article II of the U.S. Constitution, which describes the powers and qualifications for the president, the words "he" or "his" are used about 15 times. How can she become president? Or is this another case of liberal interpretation, where the Constitution really doesn't mean what it says? Even Amendment 25, ratified in 1967, mentions "he" or "his" seven times.

I am not a sexist. I feel a qualified woman could be elected. If Hillary Clinton wants to be elected, she should pass an amendment to the Constitution really fast.

Don Olson

Stay tuned; this can only get better.


Desmama said...

No No NO! I plead with you, stop making up these ridiculous letters. There is simply no one this ignorant or useless or, contrary to his (her?) claims, sexist as a human being.

I hang my head in shame to live in such a world where letters like this are written (purportedly--I'm not entirely sure you didn't make this up).

Master Fob said...

I think Mr. Olson has spotted a dangerous ambiguity in the language of our dear Constitution. Yes, it says "he" and "his," but liberals might easily claim that those are neutral referents based on the common practice of the day. What we need is a Constitutional amendment clarifying that the sacred tradition of American presidency can only reside in a man, as God intended it to be.

Shall I start the internet petition or do you want to?

Edgy said...

DesMama . . . I included the links for a reason. I would hate for anyone to think I contrived this nonsense. Granted, it is coming out of Bountiful. They have proven to be quite the hotbed of, well, intolerance of late.

Fobby . . . How about you write it up and I'll edit it?

MikeyV said...

This comment was posted earlier for rebroadcast at this time:
Suddenly, I don't feel so bad about selling our Utah vacation home. I feel pretty justified at the moment. Where's that 'mission accomplished' banner when you need it?

Th. said...


I love America.

Melyngoch said...

Wow. Suddenly I'm convinced that gendered "neutral" pronouns have no effect at all.