Hillary's burden; or, the disappointment

So apparently everyone in all of Utah agrees with Don. How sad.

I guess I could write a letter of rebuttal. Except that she's not my candidate of choice at this point in time anyway.


Tolkien Boy said... is that even possible?

And who is your choice? I'm an Obama man, myself.

(rereading that, it sounds a bit cheeky. I don't erase it, though)

Edgy said...

In skimming the headlines (because I haven't had time to read today's news), it looks like we have at least one rebuttal. I'll likely post it later on.

Personally, I'm currently for Governor Richardson.

Master Fob said...

That's just because you're sexist. Everyone knows you like boys more than girls.

Jér said...

When I took the Politics Test, I was told I had exactly the same political views as Hillary Clinton. Since firm belief in the scientific rigor and infallibility of internet quizzes forms part of the foundation of my worldview, I don't see how I could vote for anyone except her.