I think the answer is infinite; or, Theric's interview

A while back, Theric responded to an interview and asked if anyone else wanted to join in his reindeer games. I did. But I must admit that when the questions showed up in my e-mail box mere hours later, I had completely forgotten my request. And so his e-mail baffled me. Until shortly thereafter when someone else responded to Theric's interview.

So now I do mine. But I'm not going to ask if anyone else wants to participate because I'll obviously just forget.

Theric asks: I seem to remember you wearing a green vest the first time I met you. Whatever happened to that thing?

It was actually a green lightweight hoodie. It's been in storage for winter, but now that the weather is warming up, I've pulled it back out. Mostly it spends its time hanging in the coat closet.

Theric asks: How much do you worry that, as she ages, your dog will be overly focussed on freshness and youth given that you have named her Puppy?

Well, considering that I'm a gay man who, it can be argued, is overly focussed on freshness and youth, it would seem that we're a perfect match. I do wonder, though, that if I started calling her Dog or Old Woman she would lose some of her puppy tendencies that make people not want to come over and visit me.

Theric asks: Right now, floating above my head, is a weird, circular light fixture from Ikea. It makes me nervous. I fear it may fall on me at any moment. What's about to fall on you, ending your exciting life?

Well, my house was built in 1896 and is still standing, so I'm thinking that won't be it. Though I do worry about the abundance of books I have in my office. I'm sure the shelves will remain firmly fastened to the walls, but perhaps I should install little ropes on the front of the shelves to keep the books there. Or netting. Netting would be better.

Theric asks: I figure J is either for jalopy or jicama. On a scale of your own invention, how close am I?

To answer this, I must fear consult my spreadsheet wherein I delineate the topics and sponsors of the alphabiography. Oh. I am unable to answer your question considering that J is a great big blank. No wonder I haven't posted it yet. (Which is a far better excuse than pregicosa.) So I will score you at 878w.

Theric asks: According to a recent post, "There are pretty pink blossoms on half the branches, but the other branches still only have little buds." I sense this is a metaphor for some deep and awesome truth. But what?

Now, if it is a deep and awesome truth, then what business do I have in robbing you of the opportunity to discover said truth for yourself? I will, however, give you a hint and tell you that it has to do with chocolate and dancing.


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