branching out

I guess blatant sexism isn't confined to vocalization by the Better-Than-Thou citizens of Bountiful.

A letter from yesterday's DesNews:

I think it will be a serious mistake to assign Kathleen Close as the general officer in charge of Hill AFB . I believe it's contrary to social, military and Christian strengths and values. I can't imagine a woman coaching the Dallas Cowboys or the Chicago Bulls, for obvious reasons. I feel the same about a military chief leadership position. This is how I honestly feel. I feel men and women have their place, especially in combatant roles.

Merlin Ross


Mr. Fob said...

Why again do you live in Utah?

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Now, don't you dare get any ideas in Edgy's head Mr. Fob, or I might have to shun you!

MikeyV said...

If I hadn't ever spent vacations in Utah and owned property in that state, I'd think Des News was some kind of joke newspaper, akin to The Onion.

Maybe I misread the post, after all I've only slept about 10 hours in the last four days, and spent about 24 hours flying halfway around the world and back.

Yep. It was all a figment of my imagination. I'm going to bed now and this will all be gone.

chosha said...

That guy needs to stop judging other people's capabilities by his own limited perspective.

Th. said...


for obvious reasons = the sexist bastards who buy tickets won't go for it

Dec said...

I happen to agree with Merlin Ross. I think women have there place and it's not running our military or this country.