why I love FoxyJ

There are many reasons to love FoxyJ. Today, it's because of this post wherein she links you to this post. Because of the joy of this post (and the fact that I really ought to go to bed if I'm going to finish digging out my sprinkler system tomorrow), I am not reading all the comments tonight.

However, the highlight so far is this comment:

When I was a teen there was a gal in our ward who, while on the stand and bearing her testimony, whipped out a boobie to begin nursing her two (YUP TWO) year old. That was fun.

Then in our current ward a few years back was the gal who, upon her husband triumphant return after being inactive for ten years, decided to bear her thank-a-mony. She went on how much she loved him and then thanked him “…for our great sex…did I just say sex? SEX? I didn’t mean SEX! WE DON’T HAVE SEX! Well we HAVE sex, but what I meant was with the kids. We have sex kids. Not sex with our kids we have SIX KIDS AND NO SEX!!!”

At that point everyone who was asleep prior was definately wide awake. The Bishop finally stood up and politely led her out into the hall, where we all assumed he took her down to the library and duct taped her mouth shut before counceling her husband that, in this case, inactivity is a good thing.


Noelle F. said...

Holy trash, that's hilarious.

Th. said...



Now I am filled with a deep regret for never following that link earlier!