Apparently Taylorsville breeds a different kind of stupid . . .

Now about that vacation . . .

Summer vacation is like nothing else. It is my time to sit back, take a break and get excused from school work.

This is one of the great childhood privileges. But why does this only apply to kids? I think my parents should get a break, too.

Along with school, work places should give a summer vacation. This should include a two- to three-month paid break.

This would give them more incentive to work and keep the workers from getting "burned out."

A summer break would give people a chance to get caught up on life. This would mean that when workers come back, they would feel rested, revitalized and ready to work.

If workers feel good, they will work hard. The same thing goes on at school.

So, if it works in schools, why can't it work for a company? It's in their best interests!

Alex Lenzen


MikeyV said...

My parents, both professors, have always enjoyed having free summers to travel the world. Not to mention working just about 15 hours per week for less than 30 weeks out of the year. Not a bad deal at all.

Mr. Fob said...

Makes perfect sense to me.

Tolkien Boy said...

I'm down. Sign me up.