Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Seriously. If there's one thing I noticed during my seven trips to Home Depot this weekend, it's that our holidays are a bit screwed up.

Regardless, this weekend was one of grand productivity. The Poppa came down this weekend to help me install the microwave that's been sitting in the garage since July Fourth weekend last year. It's a pretty sweet oven. And now I can eat hot dogs the way God intended them.

The Poppa also helped my fix my backyard sprinklers. It took some time, but we finally found the other break in the line. This break consisted of about six feet of shatered pipe. In the process of digging out the old line, we discovered the screwy things they did when burying the line. Such as only burying it under an inch of top soil and weaving it over and under and through the roots of the neighbor's tree. (I also regret to inform you at this time that there is a very real possibility that portions of the neighbor's tree might die, considering that its roots were kinda sorta hacked to make way to bury the pipe where it's supposed to be buried.) But now I have sprinklers in the backyard. Next step: kill all the weeds. Which may just result in a large patch of dirt and dead stuff, because I'm not sure if there is even any actual grass back there.

I spent this afternoon up in Park City helping the Poppa fix the Momma's waterfall in her yard. Aside from being more than happy to do this because of the time he spent at my place, it was a necessity as I'm the only one who can actually fit in the underground reservoir tank. And I had to get in it three times. My uncle asked if I was claustrophic. Fortunately, I'm not; but I do have a significant aversion to dirt and muck. But I cleaned all the muck out. And the waterfall now gushes water. It's suh-weet. Of course, now we've found a few cracks that we need to get in and patch, but it's on the road to being a functioning waterfall this summer.


Th. said...


....may you remember your labor forever....

Desmama said...

Yay for sprinkler systems! I'm impressed at all your hard work. You microwave your hot dogs? Huh.

Jér said...

Microwaving hot dogs is better than the crime against nature that is the pan-boiling method, which is found on every hot dog package I've ever seen.

As a vegetarian, am I allowed to have an opinion about this? I say yes.

Desmama said...

I've just never . . . heard of that. But pan-boiling is just as strange to me, although DesDad doesn't consider a hot dog cooked until he does it. So we compromise. He pan cooks them first and then I put them under the broiler.