by way of announcement

Be it known that Absent is hereby prohibited from any further blogging about the weather. Because when she blogs about the weather, it snows in Park City. And I have to drive through Parleys in that muck. I know she has requested we not kill the messenger, however, should she bring about such weather again, I fear we just may have to.


Jér said...

To Whom It May Concern (i.e., Edgy):

This blog has been chosen to receive a Thinking Blog Award, for excellence in . . . making me think . . . about stuff.

That's all!

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Obviously, I somehow have created a weather link to my blog. My deepest apologies.

Word verification says be careful. beavyre

Dec said...

So all this is her fault? I have several very angry wedding clients to deal with thank you very much.