funny little monkey

I'm not one to normally post snippets from YouTube. Generally I'll just post a link to send you there.

But this . . . This is Hil. Ar. I. Ous. Oh! my merciful heavens.

Thanks to Mikey for posting this on HisSpace.


Mandi said...

it was cute, but I didn't think it was as funny as the audience did.... either I need to watch it agin, or Brittan is hard up for a laugh

iwonder said...

For optimal reading pleasure, please affect a pretentious and stuffy audible Oxford English accent.

Yes, that was rather amusing, but I agree with Mandi, and indeed join her in reserving the right to designate this clip the honour of hilarity. Amusing, quite. Hilarious, not entirely.

However, I do believe that the heavens are indeed merciful, so we shan't have to permit vexation or disquiet to plague us on that matter.

Now, I do humbly apologise, and you may seek redress if you so desire, but I simply cannot seem to contain myself; each and every time I even get the slightest of auditory whiffs of anything remotely British, the intense snobbery leaps out of me like a frisky hare, and my eloquence factor increases dramatically.


That was fun.

iwonder said...

Well, we seem to be having quite the posting party on each other's blogs.

Yes I am enjoying Austria. No I did not serve here, but I did serve in a German speaking mission, so I am quite conversant with the language and culture, and the only way I'd know your sister would be if she attends the BYU.

And you may nose away. If you'd rather converse in a more easier way, feel free to e-mail me. (


Mr. Fob said...

Dance, monkey, dance!

Sir Jupiter said...

I peed a little...