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America is, apparently, full of approximately five million gits. I've been thinking it through, and this is the only possible explanation.

I mean, Cedric should be gone. Done. But he's not. So Jesús is gone instead. And he could actually dance.

All this tears me up. I just don't know if I can really watch So You Think You Can Dance anymore. The first week, the judges sent home Ricky, who was stellar and phenomenal. But I could kinda sorta forgive them of that because his performance the night before was a bit stiff. Even so, Cedric should have gone.

The second week, the judges sent home Jimmy. I'm not so willing to forgive them of that. I wasn't such a Jimmy fan. I admit that. However, it was their second chance to dump Cedric, but they didn't because they were trying not to punish him for his "uniqeness." A note to the judges: It doesn't matter how unique someone is as a dancer, because if he can't partner and can't fit in to the ensemble, he's not going to get a job as a dancer. End of discussion.

Cedric was supposed to go home this week. He absolutely sucked. Sure, Mia Michaels choreographed a brilliant routine that hid the fact that he can't dance with a partner (and Shauna was brilliant) by having him a) never touch his partner and b) sit down in a corner and "sob" for half the piece, but in the little that he did dance, he demonstrated that he Should Not Be in the Competition Any Longer.

Unfortunately, five million gits decided otherwise. Which left Neil, Danny, and Jesús in the bottom three. They're all wonderful. Stunning. Brilliant. Jesús is, unfortunately, the weakest of those three, so he was sent home. At least he can go home knowing that the judges didn't keep a no-talent hack like Cedric instead of him.

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eleka nahmen said...

FYI, I'm officially addicted. And Neil is beautiful.