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As promised earlier, I must write about the True Colors concert from last weekend.

There were many things that were joyous and wonderous about the event. For starters, it was just plain fun. So much fun, in fact, that you barely noticed the four hours that it lasted. I went with Coach (the same friend who took me on that ill-fated Vegas trip for my birthday when I ought to have anteed up and gone to Seattle); we had a much better time for this event, even if she was forty-five minutes late. As usual.

Anyway, this is my assessment of the concert. But it's not a chronological assessment. Just so you know.

Debbie Harry
Let's just say that this was the biggest disappointment of the concert. If we're brutally honest, she sucked rocks. She was so bad, in fact, that they didn't really have to have an intermission after her performance since everyone took intermission during her performance. One friend said that the problem with her performance was that she did all new music. (I didn't know until I just looked her up on wikipedia that she was the front for the banc Blondie, which I actually quite enjoy.) I think the problem was that she performed like an old woman hobbling along on stage and you couldn't tell if she could actually sing or not because the balance of the sound was so horrendous.

The Cliks
I'd never heard of this group before. They were the opening group, and were a pleasant enough act to open. As pleasant as an indie rock group can be, anyway. Truth be told, I don't have much to say about them.

Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho is always hit or miss with me. She can be extremely funny. But she has a tendency to be a bit crude. Okay, maybe more than a bit. Even so, it was fun to have her as emcee. More fun, I enjoyed (in that purely twisted sense) how uncomfortable she made the couple sitting next to us who was coming to an Erasure/Cyndi Lauper concert but who hadn't taken the time to research who was sponsoring the concert. Don't get irritated that you're surrounded by the gays when you come to our event.

Erasure is just all about the good memories. Mostly, I remember one of my former roommates singing "Oh l'Amour" at the top of his lungs. For a couple hours. Every. Single. Night. Oh! the good ole days. Unlike Debbie Harry, Erasure sang all those songs that we all know and grew up with. So it was a fun part of the concert.

Cyndi Lauper
I love Cyndi. Who doesn't love Cyndi? Sure, she was always all sorts of weird, but you just had to love her for her brazen individuality. Because we all know you didn't love her for her voice. I tell you what, though, the woman can still perform. And it was kinda cool to be so close to the front, especially when she came out into the audience. She would have been my favorite part of the show were it not for . . . well . . . you'll see.

Dresden Dolls
The Dresden Dolls were by far my favorite part of the evening. You mustn't listen to such evil naysayers as would defame them with lies about how they're not as good as their CD. Duh. You're not at a concert to listen to them from some far-off booth. You're there to watch them. And they put on a good show.

What impacted me most was that I had never really understood why you need a drummer. Especially now that we can keep a beat electronically. But then you watch Brian perform. He was amazing. Yes. Just truly amazing. So much fun and expressive.

Oh. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm going to marry him. Just thought you wanted to know that.

And all the astrology sites I've consulted have confirmed this for me. You see, we're both Tauri. Which, according to one site means that we're both reliable, practical, steady individuals. We are also blessed with strong will power and commitment. This is a good thing, since I clearly won't be able to accompany him on his full tour schedule. But our love will continue to bloom forever and ever and ever.

I had a number of other reasons as to why I'm going to marry him. I don't remember them at this point. But I think that hardly matters.

Now, I just have to ensure that I dream about him on Midsummer's Eve, since I don't think it will be quite feasible to roll around on his property naked in the light of the midsummer moon, as romantic a gesture as that may seem . . .

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eleka nahmen said...

:P I have naught but the best taste in music, thank you.

How did you have seats so close to the front and I not see you? I was right there!

--the evil naysayer

(PS: I MET Cindy, and have the picture illustrating such..Somehow I forgot to include this detail in my post.)