Conversation the First

Desk Employee: I have been scarred for life.

Edgy: How is that?

DE: I walked in on a lady in the locker room.

Edgy: And that scarred you for life?

DE: She was naked.

Edgy: Umm . . . Have you not noticed that you also have girl parts?

DE: It was scarring.
Conversation the Second
Edgy: The men's locker room needs towels.

DE: Is there anyone in there?

Edgy: I'm not sure if I should tell you, considering that you're scarred going into your own locker room.

DE: But you don't understand. It was truly scary.

Edgy: Sure . . .

DE: Fine. You see, the lady was standing there naked, using the blowdryer.

Edgy: Ooh . . . Scary.

DE: She wasn't blow drying her head.


Jér said...

I'm laughing, but just reading this has scarred me as well.

Th. said...


Well, golly, if she was wet.....

N.F. said...

HAHA! That's freaking AWESOME!

The Ugly Swan said...

But...I'm confused...didn't Ruskin tell us women only have hair on their heads?