triple dog tag you

The first time I was tagged, I completely looked over my name without realizing I had been tagged.

The second time I was tagged, I uttered a minor swear. This was because I have been occupied and unable to truly be available to be tagged. But it was also because, for some reason, with Theric's absurdly miniscule text, I saw my name. The lesson we learn here is that if you want to sneak something past me in a binding contract, print it in a standard font where I won't notice it. But you can sure as hell bet that I'm scrutinizing the fine print.

The third time I was tagged, I was pronounced Ruler of the Universe. I don't think Fobby realizes what a mistake this was. Because as Ruler of the Universe, I hereby issue an edict demanding that Fobby and Tolkers return to Salt Lake because Seattle is too frickin' far away and as much as I want to escape thereto, I just don't see it happening in the near future. Further, because I am Ruler of the Universe, I declare that they must move to the Central City locale of Salt Lake. I further declare that should any of the other persons who are triple tagged wish to post on this meme, they may no longer claim a status as Ruler of the Universe. Because Fobby explicitly made it singular. And since there can only be one, and since that one is me, then they cannot be the one.

Oh, and I cannot be deposed.

Now, with our official business out of the way, let us proceed to the Random Facts Seven.

  1. I have been to 9 plays on Broadway: Les Misérables, La Bohéme, Rent, Wicked (original cast), Urinetown (with the dad from The Nanny, and he was quite entertaining), Avenue Q (also original cast), La Cage aux Folles (with Robert Goulet, who really wasn't very good in the role), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (yet another original cast, not that it matters much), and Gypsy (with Bernadette).
  2. I actually like IKEA. I almost feel compelled to shop there once a week. Maybe it's the Swedish meatballs.
  3. While touring with the Ballroom Dance Company, I gave a talk at a fireside in Denmark. And I did it in Danish. At least the first and last part. My interpreter almost abandoned me at the podium when I began speaking. Many members were impressed with my accent. They said (and I do realize that members will often go out of their way to lie to you to pay you a compliment, but here I'm going to trust in the honesty of the Danish people because Danes are wonderful people and if you don't believe me, I'll have my people plunder and pillage your people) that my accent was far better than most missionaries when they finished their mission. I guess I did get something out of my Danish class my freshman year of BYU.
  4. I am addicted to Barnes & Noble. I realize this is no surprise, but it's still a random fact.
  5. I wish my house were located three houses farther east. Even so, at least Obnoxious Boy hasn't been by to visit since Dec and I broke up. Though his dad keeps trying to engage me in conversation.
  6. My new rug in my living room doesn't quite match the drapes. I don't care.
  7. I get to change my earrings tomorrow. I'm rather excited.


Mr. Fob said...

0. O Great Ruler of the Universe, I must obey your word. I will abandon my schooling and hence my future career, as well as my proximity to my children, in order to satisfy you.
1. I wanna go to a play on Broadway.
2. I like IKEA too.
3. Surely it's your Danish last name. That Bunny line is very strong.
4. When I read this I had an epiphany: What I claim as random facts about me are in fact random thoughts, which are not quite the same thing.
5. Your wish is the universe's command.
6. Neither do I. Why are you even telling me this?
7. Are you earringed now? I will withhold my opinion of earrings on men until I see them on you.

Edgy said...

re 7 . . . I am hot. You will lust after earringed men from this point forward. (Refer to 0 if you are skeptical.)

Th. said...


Why can't you just change them today? Is there some law or sumthin?

N.F. said...

Crack. I was supposed to do this too, apparently.

Edgy said...

I wouldn't say that there's a law about changing the earrings. It's just that the gal who pierced my ears said that I had to keep the studs in for six to eight weeks. Today is six weeks. So I get to change them today.

Anonymous said...

Wow. When I visit, you might have to reintroduce yourself. Earrings are enough to make me all confused.

eleka nahmen said...

Did you know I'm Danish? I, too, belong to the -sen club. It's so much more attractive a stem than have those -son sorts.

And I didn't notice you earring'd at Pride! (Of course, I didn't notice Gladys' brand new huge widescreen HDTV the first time I walked into his apartment after he had received it, so it's hardly surprising I'd fail to notice something so small as earrings.. But I bet you look hot in them.)

ichbinjenny said...

And this has nothing to do with your post. :+)

So I have some extra frequent flyer miles. Will look into getting out to Utah -- it's been on my to-do list (even though i kinda lost that to-do list, lol). When's good for you? How about June or July?


ps: i'm not danish, but i'm in the -sen club, too!

pps: no pride for us. we'll be at a cousin's wedding up in Syracuse. You have an earing?