while my pretty one sleeps

Yesterday, because Tall Drink didn't want to run on the treadmill at the gym, he came over and took Puppy out for a rather long walk. Then, after resting, he took her on a short run. Puppy was well exercised.

Which I enjoyed, because then Puppy curled up and cuddled with me while I watched So You Think You Can Dance last night. (I'll shortly watch the results show to find out if I must rant again.

Then, Puppy went directly to sleep while I read in bed. I love it when she's tired, because her paws twitch while she sleeps. I'm not sure exactly what she's doing in her dreams, but I'm sure some varmint is getting the chase of its life.


MikeyV said...

Too cute. I think J is the one trying to tire me out so I have to go running with the pup and then we're both tired and J watches us both twitch our feet/paws. ;)

Sir Robert Chiltern said...

There's never any end to how adorable they are, is there?