by Stephenie Meyer
YA fantasy. 629 pp.
Little, Brown. 2007.

So, as mentioned previously, I picked up the third book in the series. Unfortunately, despite a passing reference to a harpy, Bella does not become a harpy, leaving me disappointed with the book. (Though not nearly as disappointed at the rumor that there may be more than four volumes in the series. Whatever happened to trilogies, people?)

Eclipse is the continuing drama of a rather feckless and annoying girl with questionable redeeming features who has decided to fall in love with a vampire and a werewolf. Oh. And the vampire and werewolf are mortal enemies who continually throw punches below the belt in trying to win Bella's love.

There's also the little matter of the vampire who is out to destroy Bella because Edward killed said vampire's man, and so said vampire is creating an army of vampires in Seattle to come and decimate the Cullen coven. I guess she's not overly concerned about the decimation, but she won't complain about it if it happens. Mostly she, like all the rest of us, wants Bella destroyed.

What's there to say about the book? Well, it's still far too long; apparently editors no longer exist. (The copyediting on this tome is questionable as well.) Based on current trends, I predict that book four will be 680 pages and book five will be 740 pages. Mercy, I hope that's not the case.

Of course, I guess I should also confess that I disliked this book the least of the three. (Please don't confuse that for high praise.) Edward has finally redeemed himself, which is good after the last book. And I still like Jacob.

I can't really say that I'm with Nemesis in Camp Edward though. I think that has primarily to do with my not wanting to saddle him with such a one as Bella. I may have to go searching for some slash fiction that will pair Edward and Jacob in some torrid love affair. I don't think it will sell quite as well as what Meyer has done, but at least it will set up the romance between the two characters worth reading about in the books.


Jér said...

The most I can say is that I like Edward the most and Bella the least of the three. Jacob I liked a lot better (er, hated a lot less) in the last book, before his complete insensitivity and self-absorption became so apparent.

And I think I liked this book the least, which means I came close to hating it.

Samantha said...

What fun to meet you last night! Someday, I would like to do it again. :)

Nemesis said...

As far as the slash fic goes, I'm sure you could find some. And you might even get the straight Bella-haters supporting it as a way of cutting her completely out of the picture.

I'm hoping she really will write the version of New Moon as told from Edward's perspective. Cuz that could be really, really good.

Absent-minded Secretary said...

Okay. I am still annoyed that the word "Dumpster" is capitalized every time it is used in the book.

And I don't like Jacob. His kissing bugs me.