a river runs through it and other stories

Sir Robert is abandoning us. To celebrate his good riddance, Tall Drink has been ensuring that the lot of us (including Gladys) have been spending every last waking weekend moment together. Fortunately, Gladys and Sir Robert don't usually have waking weekend moments until after noon. And the lot of us typically spend every waking weekend moment together anyway, so it's not been that difficult to arrange.

Three weekends ago, we hit the Park City Arts Festival. It was a fun day. And my parents were kind enough to let us crash their place for dinner, even if this was the one weekend when the momma wasn't planning on company. Of course, we ended the evening by having to move furniture in and out of my brother's television room.

This past weekend, we went to Lagoon. Again, fun times were had by all. Well, for the most part. Gladys doesn't do rides, so I'm not sure how much fun he really had. Even so, he smiled like he was having fun. And he took pictures. Well, he tried to take pictures, at least. He wasn't having much luck with my camera. However, when downloading the pictures from my camera for this post, I discovered why he was having such issues. The camera wasn't set quite right. And, well, he took a couple of videos. I saved one to give to him and Robert and TD. I would post it here, but basically it's 1 second of him trying to take a picture of us on a ride and 29 seconds of him filming the ground. Priceless.

Perhaps the highlight was the final ride of the evening. We returned to the Jet Star. Earlier in the day, we had crammed Robert, me, and Tall Drink into the back seat of the car. We're all skinnier than is healthy, so we fit. Barely. Oh, the speed! However, the final ride was a highlight because we crammed the three of us into the backseat again. Only this time, in the seat in front of us, was a rather large man. I didn't think much of it until we were rounding the last spiral up before the drop. At which point I may have muttered a minor profanity at the realization that with as much weight as we had in the car, we were going to go Really. Fast. And we did.

Two weekends ago, we visited the Land of DesMama and Nemesis. Yes, I actually ventured into L****. No, we didn't help DesMama move or stop in to see her, though I would have liked to since I was up there anyway but I felt it would be rude to a) drop in on her without warning when that was the weekend of the anticipated move or b) make the boys move yet another person without them expecting to. Nor did we stop in to visit Nemesis's ward, though I would love to know who she would introduce me to, because I always find it interesting to know to whom people would like to introduce to you.

No, we did not do either of these activitied.

Instead, we stopped by Tall Drink's parents' house to pick up some innertubes. Then we jaunted up to Idaho where we climbed into Bear River and floated down. Such a relaxing afternoon. And entertaining. Gladys is not such a friend of nature. Actually, he refers to it as ick. And apparently it was bad form of me to throw the grass ick at him and Robert. Even though I'm of the opinion that the ick was clean since it had been floating in the river. And apparently it was bad of me to pretend that the moss ick was facial hair. I thought it was all Nature's Goodness, but Robert assures me that Nature's Goodness is something entirely different. Even so, the river was all sorts of happiness. Even if it did leave its mark.Following the river, we returned to TD's parents' where they had prepared a dutch oven dinner for us. Does life get any better?

Apparently it does.

You see, I am one who has given DesMama much grief about her Love of L****. I'm sure I've given Nemesis some grief as well. But L**** is actually kinda sorta maybe a little bit pretty. And we happened to get an amazing, full double rainbow, even if I didn't take a picture of it at its brightest or even manage to get the entire thing in my shot. And the clouds. So, yeah. Maybe L**** has some redeeming features after all.

Regardless, it was a wonderful weekend. Well, the last few weekends have been rather wonderful. I'm pretty certain that I'm still rather displeased with Robert for abandoning us in such a way. Even if he is going to go someplace that will fun to visit. And he'll be making bank. But still . . .


Desmama said...

I don't recall you ever giving me grief about living in L****. Mostly because I know the wellspring from whence you sprang, plowboy. "Hello, Kettle? This is Pot." ;)

But it would've been fun to see you. Maybe another time. It's not that far. And there are some amazing colors in the fall.

eleka nahmen said...

Omg, I totally recognize those mountains!

Nemesis said...

See, I'd have to love L**** in order to receive grief about it. Foiled you there, mwah hahahah!