gorgon's head

The tape is off. I'm generally pleased with the outcome. I have some touch up work to do. And I have to hand detail the entire west wall, but I was a bit worried about that when I was glazing it because of how the glaze went on.

Things I have learned:

  • The glaze should be applied lightly.
  • Glazing works best when the base coat is a light color seeing as how the glaze doesn't necessarily dry completely clear. However, on a light base, it's transparent enough that you don't notice it.
  • A better idea for the glazing would be to perhaps repaint the entire wall with another coat of the base color after taping; it (theoretically) accomplishes the same effect as the glaze, which is to seal the sides of the tape.
Anyway, I've taken some pictures. Not that you get to see them yet—you must see the room as a complete entity for the true wow effect. But I will tell you that it is turning out to be quite sexy.

To whet your appetite though, I thought I'd give you a picture of the tape (and a little "ankle," as it were). Apparently 400 yards of tape is enough to half fill a garbage can.

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Cricket said...

well, the tape looks great...