my road trip to the pretty girl capital of the world

I know that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas . . .

But . . .

  • Cheap room + Mirrored headboard + Mirror above the bed + Mirror to the side of the bed = No need for Viagra or ©!@|!$.

  • Mondays always suck because most shows black out those nights. So we ended up at Le Rêve.
    LE RÊVE, presented exclusively at Wynn Las Vegas, offers breathtaking performances in an intimate aqua theater in-the-round. The show features aerial acrobatics, provocative choreography and artistic athleticism.

    The cast of 85 captures the imagination with their outrageous antics and daring feats of strength and agility. Live music and elaborate special effects immerse the audience into a world of fantasy, adventure and intrigue.
    It's no Cirque du Soleil, mind you, but the boys are pretty and the diving is pretty cool. (And by pretty, I mean shirtless the entire show. Yummy abs. Even if they can't dance. Still yummy.)

  • I have never understood people who wear flip-flops in a walking city. Maybe they're just trying to find an affinity to Mitt Romeny?


Th. said...


I'm not sure how to pronounce ©!@|!$. I feel like I'm missing out.

Edgy said...

Apparently you are. But mostly you're missing out on getting all the spam.