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Gay Culture 101: Halloween

Halloween is the most important holiday of the year. Some may contest that other holidays (such as New Year's with its copious amounts of alcohol or Pride with its copious amounts of half-naked boys) are more important, but they are not. It is uncertain as to what makes Halloween so important, though some speculate that it has to do with the social license that makes this the one time of the year when it is acceptable (for gays and non-gays alike) to go out in public in underwear. Or in drag. (Please don't combine the two, though many do, because, well, eww.)

It is important that, when celebrating Halloween, you dress in costume. Fortunately, as alluded to earlier, this can be a fairly easy task since underwear and a tie are considered to be a costume. This is also fortunate in that the purpose of any costume is to show off your abs. (Now you understand why you spend the rest of the year working out at the gym and running on the treadmill.)

Halloween weekend is also the one weekend with compulsory attendance at the club. Everyone goes to the club this weekend. This is because we must see and be seen. And we must look around and realize that we are no more than ten feet away from three boys who we dated and/or slept with during the last year as well as three boys who we wanted to date and/or sleep with as well as three boys who wanted to date and/or sleep with us. Mutual discomfort is key; it's what brings family (and Family) together, particularly at the start of the holiday season.

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Sir Jupiter said...

My Seattle friends say it's "Gay Christmas".