redemption song: the ballad of joe strummer

After seeing Across the Universe, I had to iTune the soundtrack because I liked the music That. Much.

Today, while driving to and from work, I realized that I was continually restarting "I Want to Hold Your Hand." I mean, who wouldn't? It's a phenomenal version of the song.

Of course, I realized after about the fifty-seventh time of the song that I really liked the combination of guitar and vocals.

Which reminded me that there are a couple other guitar songs that I really like, such as Dolly's "Travelin' Thru" from the Transamerica soundtrack and Neil's "Captain of a Shipwreck" from his 12 Songs album.

So I created a new playlist on ePod: reasons to learn guitar.

Now, we all know that a playlist with only three songs is pretty weak. So what else should I add to the playlist?

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Th. said...


Hum. I don't have a list like that.

I don't know these songs: are they acoustic or electric? Does that make a difference to you?