the tale of despereaux

I was a few minutes late for my Pilates certification class this morning because there was a mouse in my bedroom.

Now. I was not late because I gave in to fits of hysterics; I don't respond in that regard to mice. (Spiders and snakes, yes.) I was late because Puppy saw the mouse at the same moment I did.

And she gave chase. And I assisted.

Let me just say it's impressive watching her hunt like that. Unfortunately, it was not a successful hunt. The mouse darted into the closet. It's a small closet, but there are things like shoes and a laundry hamper that were in Puppy's way. So my job was to move those things out of the way. In retrospect, I ought to have closed the door behind us, blocked the gap with a pair of jeans, and spider-man crawled up the wall while suspending the laundry hamper in midair. This would have been most helpful to Puppy. Especially since after a few minutes of darting back and forth, the mouse finally got smart and darted past my legs into the bedroom; Puppy could not give adequate chase because I was in the way. And she doesn't run so well on the wood floors. (She's amazing on carpet, I'll say though.)

Regardless, I only give the mouse another week to live. The last time Puppy caught scent of a mouse, she had captured and killed it within two days. Yes, that's a high standard to maintain, but I believe in her.


Mr. Fob said...

Have I told you that I like the motif you have going for post titles? Because I do.

editorgirl said...

And in another comment unrelated to this post: the Montoc roll. Which reminds me that I wanted to tell you I'll be in Bountiful from Wednesday afternoon to Sunday night and that at some point during that time we should get together for dinner or book buying.

Cricket said...

Looks like we both have mouse issues- 'cept I like my mouse, LOL.

Sounds like puppy is better than a cat- well, better than my cat anyway, she's afraid of our mice...

Absent-minded Secretary said...

I hope you gave Puppy a treat for her one year anniversary. One year on the 20th right?