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A post, as promised to Fobby . . .

As Nemesis is wont to point out, the internets is a grand place to waste time. And, depending on how you view it, I have found yet another way to waste my time on the internets.


After much goading from a few friends, I have finally joined the Facebook community. It's not like you couldn't find me elsewhere on the internets; I have a number of other profiles.

I joined Goodreads because Foxy is doing it. I think it's cool because it seems to interface a bit easier in terms of looking at what you and your friends have read and rated.

I joined LibraryThing because Nemesis was doing it. And it posts random books from your library to your blog. I like that.

I joined MySpace because I wanted to waste time at work. And that was where I first started blogging. But now it's turned into this spambot generator, and I have a better blog here. I eventually made my profile fairly inaccessible. The only reason I was keeping it was because it was because of Mikey. But since we're now facebooked, I can delete MySpace.

I joined Friendster because that's what all my friends at NYU Publishing were on.

I joined Connexion because it was supposed to be Friendster but cooler. And gayer. I keep it primarily for the pretty.

I joined LinkedIn because it was supposed to be a professional way of networking. But I haven't used it.

I joined Classmates so that I could learn about my high school class reunion.

I joined LDS LinkUp because . . . well, I don't remember. My favorite part about LDS LinkUp is how you can never delete a friend; they are your friend forever and ever and ever.

I joined Chemistry this summer when I was being all single and wanting to get back out there and start dating.
I may like Facebook; I'm still unsure. I guess it all depends on how powerful I make my vampire.

Until then, you can facebook me. (I would promise not to bite, but I have to feed my vampire.)

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NF said...

I am thoroughly addicted to facebook. I recently joined it and am wondering why it took me so long! :) But, reading all the others you listed, I realized HOW much out of the loop I really am! I hadn't heard of half of those!

I've recruited friends from school to join it--but they are all snooty with their, "I only have myspace."

I love facebook. It rules. I refuse to do myspace. :)

PS. Coolest word verification EVER: ecode