the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

A while back, Absent commented

I hope you gave Puppy a treat for her one year anniversary. One year on the 20th right?
I've been meaning to blog about Puppy for quite some time but just haven't gotten to it.

In the last couple months, Puppy has decided to no longer be a puppy. Miss Hyperactivity has suddenly become Miss Mellow. (Except when visitor comes to the door, but that's neither here nor there.) She cuddles at our feet when we watch TV. She cuddles in the bed at night while we read.

There has been some weirdness as well. She prefers to sleep in the bed. Under the covers. At the foot of the bed. It's rather odd.
On the other hand, she sleeps in in the morning anymore, which is rather pleasant. She actually exhibits patience while waiting for her morning walk.
Now that she's calm, we're thinking about adopting a second puppy. An opportunity nearly presented itself to us a few weeks ago. I guess it's fortunate that it fell through though since Puppy the Second actually had the first name as Puppy, and that would have just led to confusion. I think. So we're looking. We figure that Puppy needs a playmate and that if we're patient enough, we'll find the perfect friend for her.

Then we'll have two puppies to harass the chicken-shit postman who thinks Puppy is "threatening." Obviously he doesn't realize that Puppy is the friendly one.

*I realize that in her pictures, she has Crazy Eyes. But that's because she gets blueeye instead of redeye, and Photoshop doesn't seem to want to actually get rid of blueeye. I've tried a couple of different coloring techniques, but they just make the Crazy Eye look demonic.


MikeyV said...

Seriously? We could have just gotten another puppy? Why didn't I think of that? Sending Baby back.

Christian said...

Don't send Baby back; send Baby our way. We'll sacrifice.

NF said...

Cute baby! :)