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So one of the keepsakes that I failed to mention are Legos. I lurve me some Legos. And not for constructing. To me, they're models—you put them together and then they stay together forever and ever and ever. As I think about it, the Blackpool/Scandinavia tour was the Best. Tour. Ever. merely because we went to Legoland, which is truly the happiest place on earth. And they have really cool models there. The entire park, even.

For as long as I can remember, I have always gotten a set of Legos for Christmas. Sometimes it was a big set. Sometimes it was a little set in the stocking. Of course, I remember the year I didn't get Legos for Christmas. I kinda sorta threw a fit. I was 22 at the time. I now get between two and three sets each year for Christmas. Life is good. And it provided Sis with the opportunity to raise a ruckus about Santa's sex discrimination, leading to her now receiving a couple sets each year as well.

And I don't really play well with others with the Legos. I'm reminded of that one year that after I had put my set together, my brother put the battery in to see how it worked while I was away from the set. Not a pretty sight. I was 26 at the time. I think I may have scared his wife.

And Dec would be more than happy to tell you about the set that I got for Christmas two years ago that is still sitting in its box in the garage because I haven't put it together yet because we're not really collecting this set and so we don't really have a place to display it despite its awesome coolness and the Boy wants it and keeps asking if he can put it together and my answer is still an unequivocal no. Like I said, Does Not Play Well with Others.

All that said, I have managed to whittle down my Legos collection over the years. This is primarily because bookshelves are for books, so as I acquire more books, the open space where Legos are allowed to camp keeps getting smaller. Granted, I do have one shelf that is dedicated entirely to Hogwarts Castle. And the shelves below house things like rarely used DVDs and never-touched leather-bound books, so the Legos get to sit in front of those. Unfortunately, the Riddle Cemetery across the way is going to have to come down in the next week or two. Perhaps I'll just push the books on the reference shelf back.

This post has been brought to you by Linda Eder and David Levithan and Lois Lowry.

Linda Eder has the vocal chops of Barbra and Bette and Celine but also has the advantage of being less well-known, meaning I can be all sorts of My Taste Is Better Than Yours Because I Listen to Linda. But seriously, she has a beautiful voice and knows how to use it to give power to her music.

I'm pretty certain I've sung effusive praises aplenty for both Levithan (who is a god) and Lowry (who is a miracle worker). Their sponsorship of this post should, therefore, not surprise you.



Yekim AV said...

Legos are indeed a solitary activity; One which should be resolved solely for creative geniuses or those who have such potential.

Th. said...


I don't understand how you could publish a post like this without any photos.

KT said...

This post could have been written by my husband. The first year we were married I asked if he wanted lego's for Christmas. He assured me that he was an adult and did not need any. He whined all Christmas day that "it just doesn't feel like Christmas" so early the next morning we were out buying legos.

I realize it's old, and I'm not even sure how I found the page, but I thought I'd share...