nasty book

Yes, it's true. I have purchased the craptastic final tome of the abysmal quadrology. (And clocking at 754 pages, how can it be anything but craptastic?)

But I have justified my purchase so:

  1. We all knew I was going to buy this book.
  2. We all knew I was going to read this book.
  3. We all knew I was going to hate this book.
Initially, I had not wanted to contribute to her numbers.


It's kinda like voting in a presidential election in Utah—my vote doesn't matter. So I have decided to purchase it this week when we know it's going to go to the top of the bestseller list instead of buying it later and contributing to its stay at the top of the bestseller list.

Furthermore, I have bought it someplace dark and seedy and where its purchase cannot be traced back to me.


Katria said...

Oh, so, Walmart? :)

Edgy said...


That's truly funny. But I found a place even seedier and more low class than that, if you can believe it.

And I've just been reading reviews on LibraryThing, and they make me smile:

"To sum up in one word: disappointing. . . . Breaking Dawn reads and feels like a sequel written to respond to the overwhelming success of the first three novels; where the first three read as a cohesive whole, this one seems as though Meyer felt compelled to explain much and tie up all her loose ends in pretty little bows.

It is usually only after reading the disappointing book in a series that you realize you really wish the author hadn't answered the burning question"

"Breaking Dawn is, while a satisfactory conclusion to the story of Bella and Edward, not particularly necessary to the series overall. . . . But writing an entire novel . . . seemed superfluous. Overall, I found much of the book melodramatic and slightly annoying and I believe that these things could have just as easily been incorporated into a short story or two; and would made it a much more enjoyable read.

What Breaking Dawn lacked, compared to the other novels, was real substance and conflict. . . . In this installment, however, all major conflict was resolved nearly within the first half of the book.

Much of the last half of the book is spent describing preparation for a major event that ultimately amounts to nothing.

All in all, I think that this last book was just a piece of fluff that, while it happily ends the series, was not quite necessary."

Lenore said...

Well, I haven't read any of them yet. But this post made me laugh!

absent-minded assistant said...

I'm at page 610. I would say the story doesn't get interesting until about page 525 or so. Everything before is just the same old Edward-Bella-Jacob story with a bit of the mini-series "V" from the 80s thrown in.