sleeping beauty

Last night, Dec proposed that we move the puppies' beds. He'd like for Puppatrix to sleep on my side of the room and Puppicent can sleep on his side. He wants this because Puppatrix is a whiner. She sighs and whines and lets you know that she generally discontent. Of course, this is her own fault. If she would just stay under her blanket when we put her to bed, she wouldn't have to bellyache about how cold she is later on.

I, of course, told Dec no. But it has relatively little to do with Puppatrix's whining, especially when you consider that the whining is nothing in comparison to Puppicent's snoring. No, I turned him down because Puppicent, bless her dear little soul, is easily disoriented.

When we first got her, she slept under my nightstand while Puppatrix slept under Dec's. Then Puppicent decided she wanted Puppatrix's bed. So we moved her bed to the same side of the room. A couple months ago, deciding that it was more important that Dec and I be able to actually move around the entire bed, we moved her back under my nightstand. This has been amusing.

You see, the puppies like to lie in bed with me and cuddle as we read. If Puppicent should fall asleep, she has difficulty making it back to her bed when Dec comes to bed. Some nights, she insists that her bed is still in the other corner of the room. And she will curl up on the hard, wood floor, because she knows that's where her bed is. It will then take us a couple minutes to coax her over to her actual bed.

So out of consideration for Puppicent, I have vetoed Dec's suggestion. Because then she would have no idea where she's actually supposed to sleep. Oh. And that way I don't have to recover Puppatrix multiple times during the night.