wg26: a stranger came ashore

It's a Weekly Geeks bloghopping activity . . .

Dewey's instruction:

1. Using the WeeklyGeeks category here in my blog, find 5 Weekly Geeks you don’t know. The easiest way is probably to look at the Mr Linkies in my weekly Saturday posts.

2. Visit each of your 5 new blogpals and snoop around their blogs to find at least one thing you have in common.

3. In your blog, write a post, linking to your 5 new blogpals, about what you have in common with them.

4. Come back and sign Mr Linky.

5. As you run across other Weekly Geek posts (or deliberately seek them out) if you see anyone mentioned who has something in common with you, pay them a visit.
Fortunately, since I'm just finding my inner geek, I can hit any number of new blogs.
  1. Fathers Who Read by Book Dads. I must confess that this was going to be my natural first stop if for no other reason than, well, the anatomy involved. Completely sexist, I know, but there is a grand dearth of guys who regularly blog about books (authors excluded). Really, the only other two I've come across are Theric and ejwise. Even Guys Lit Wire is split between male and female contributors, with the bulk of the posts being contributed by the women. So I'm thrilled to find Book Dads. I like the diversity of titles they have in regards to fathering and fatherhood. I like their voice. (They're not cynical or antagonistic like other bloggers you may know.)

  2. It's All About Books by Suey. This is likely cheating a bit, since I've been reading Suey for a couple weeks now after she first came to my blog. But I like her. And can you even say anything bad about somebody who loves John Green?

  3. Bride of the Book God What I like here is that she has a tendency toward, well, darker titles. And had it not been for her, I might not have discovered Rape by Joyce Carol Oates. Because I really like Oates, even though she's gritty. As to whether or not I'll find myself in the right mind to approach this title is another story. But Bride peaks my interest in it.

  4. Reading Room by Gautami Tripathy. I don't have much to say here. I like her blog because she keeps things simple. Really, her small snippets about books are far more intriguing than many long posts I regularly read. She also has a poetry blog, in case you might be interested.

  5. Reading in Appalachia by Icedream. Again, this is a blogger who I started reading a few weeks ago. What caught my eye as I was scanning through her blog again today was a snippet about Tomorrow, When the War Began. But I really must refrain from adding more books to my list. Right now, anyway.


Suey said...

Ah, thanks! You've made my day! :) And rock on, John Green. DFTBA!

Anonymous said...

Hey Edgy,
Thanks for visiting Book Dads. We've noticed the same dearth of guy book bloggers as you. We'll check out the two you mentioned, already following Guys Lit Wire.