thirteen reasons why

Lo and behold, I'm actually posting a Thanksgiving commemoration this year. But considering the fit I've been throwing here, there, and everywhere because of the overly early preponderance of Christmas crap this year—pre-Labor Day Christmas merchandise? really?—I figure I ought to express my gratitude for what I've got that's good.

Of course, you should bear in mind that I started this post on Wednesday with the intention of setting it to post automatically on Thursday. That obviously didn't happen. Instead, things got busy on Wednesday and didn't let up on Thursday or Friday. By the time Saturday got here, Number Thirteen had spent two or three days being an utter asshat (attempting to destroy Number Five in the process), and I wasn't sure if I was still grateful for him. Fortunately, spending time in retail therapy and watching four episodes of Housewives and one episode of Daisies have remedied that.

Anyway, long story short, here are things I'm grateful for.

  1. Social Networking
    So, this year, I've become seriously addicted to Facebook. For starters, I like the process of reconnecting with old friends and being able to shoot off that occasional message. I'm also addicted to Scrabble and playing with Absent and Samantha. And if it weren't for LinkedIn, I wouldn't have continued the contact that got me my current work. And since work equals something to do with my time with the added bonus of money, this is a good thing.

  2. My Garage
    I know that it's odd to be thankful for a garage, but I am. Reason the first, it's unusual to have a two-car garage in downtown Salt Lake. It's even more unusual to have one the same size as the house. Reason the Second, I don't have to scrape my windows in the winter. Reason the Third, Dec and I finished the organizational cabinets last weekend. And they are suh-weet. Everything is now behind closed doors. Bikes are hung on the wall. (Okay, so that part was accomplished in July, but still, it's even cooler now.) We have designated workout and sewing areas. In theory, it should remain clean.

  3. Friends
    Initially, I had thought I was grateful for old friends, but I realize that it's not just old friends I'm grateful for. I like my high school friends and college friends and mission friends and ballroom friends and NYU friends and gay friends and blog friends and work friends. Even if many of these friends have drifted more into acquaintances, I'm still grateful for the interconnectedness of life and social relations. And leading back to Facebook, I'm grateful for the nostalgia and diversity of friendships.

  4. Softball
    I have never been known to be an athlete, but softball has shown that maybe, just maybe, I might have been able to find some athletic endeavor that thrilled me. And that's a nice discovery about myself in the last couple months. More importantly, though, softball seems to have provided a bridge between us and the kids' mom. I mean, it helped that during that period of non-scheduled work I was able to attend pretty much every practice and game and assist the coach. And she was able to see that I do care about the kids' welfare. Oh, and I was able to befriend her friends, who I speculate in turn convinced her that I'm not the Devil Incarnate.

  5. Traditions
    I love traditions. Maybe it's a Taurus-stability thing, but, in the end, it's just one of those things. So at this time of year, I really like the tradition of going to my parents' for Thanksgiving. And I like putting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. And I like our holiday party. (Psst. Twelfth Night. Monday, January 5. Save the date.) And I like the gift giving. And getting. But mostly the giving.

    Oh. And I think we may have stumbled onto a new tradition this year. We took the kids to a movie at the Gayway on Friday. (Bolt. Surprisingly entertaining.) Afterward, the kids wanted to wander here and there and what not. Princess had to go to Build-a-Bear. While we were there, I noticed that they have a Toys for Tots thing going on. So I decided that the girls could build a bear for Toys for Tots. And I think it's something we should do each year. Not necessarily Build-a-Bear, mind you, so much as finding something where we can donate as a family.

  6. Living Downtown
    This really is one of those things I'm becoming increasingly more grateful for. I like that I can walk to the grocery store and the library. I like that I can walk to the park. I like that I can take Trax to work. To both jobs, actually. And I like it. Lots. I like the energy and the feel.

  7. Books
    Is there really anything to say here? Books rock. They do so many wonderful things.

  8. DVR
    I honestly don't remember how I lived life before Tivo and DVR. Watching television when you want to watch it as opposed to when someone else tells you you're going to watch it. Only watching the commercials you actually want to see.

  9. God
    I'm grateful for God and His presence in my life. I realize my conception of God may not coincide with others', particularly that of my home teacher. But I find it comforting to trust in the overarching goodness and love of a God that should tie us together and help us lift each other up to a higher place.

  10. The Puppies
    For as much grief as the puppies, Puppicent in particular, can be, they're good girls, and they bring an added level of joy and love to our house. And entertainment. You should come over some time and play Mouse with them. Really. It's a riot. And it's always entertaining how they have decided they're mini people. Who drive. To Thanksgiving dinner.

  11. My Family
    I have an awesome family. Sure, there's the occasional hiccup, but by and large, my family is good. This is witnessed to me continually, particularly as we've had to deal with Dec's family this last year. Or as I've heard stories of other friends' families, like my friend whose sister donated thousands of dollars to the Yes on 8 campaign but who still thinks she ought to be invited to his and his partner's wedding. So I'm grateful for my family and for all they do for me.

  12. My Parents
    My parents are the backbone of my family. They've loved us and raised us. And I think we've turned out pretty swell.

  13. Dec
    There's a lot that Dec brings to my life. He's a calming influence. He makes me a little bit kinder than I'm naturally inclined. He's a good person with a lot of love. So I'm grateful for him.


towerofbooks said...

Great list! I definitely know what you mean about social networking!

Th. said...


I wish I did, but I don't I'm still pretty mystified by the whole social networking thing --- I don't think it's working for me as it should. (Incidentally, are we connected on LinkedIn yet?) Perhaps its because, as a teacher, I can't sit in front of a computer constantly enough to keep balls in the air (so to speak). Dunno.

Otherwise, I'm quite in accord.

Desmama said...

Good list, Edgy. And while I wish I could commit to your Twelfth Night celebration, I'm just not sure--it'll be scarcely two weeks after I'm sawn asunder, so we'll see how I feel, but please do know that I'll be crossing my fingers to attend. Maybe with Babe in Arms for a quick getaway or something. Then you can start to like her. ;)

B N J said...

It's kind of sad they pulled the plug on 'Daisies' -- We'll have to see what kind of crap will replace it... sigh... great post - loved it. (little late catching up) - Also - would love to see the mouse game in action - Pups add a lot to a family.