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So I came across this meme on Cleolinda's blog today mid-September. Since I hadn't composed a non-book post in a while, I thought it might be a fun meme to pass along. But trying to think of ten things has been rather difficult.

10 Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't
According to Cleolinda, the key to filling out this meme: be really, really specific. Fortunately, I imagine my readership is small enough that I don't have to be quite as specific; I just have to come up with ten things.

1. Performed in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the 2002 Olympics.

More on this later in the alphabiography, but it was pretty cool. I even got national TV time—like three or four seconds' worth—looking into the distance with a hope-filled face as we entered the Valley, my daughter riding on my back.

2. Used a barbed-wire fence as a safety net while training for the NYC marathon.
I've written about this before here and here and here. I just figure that others have run the marathon a.k.a. Event of Stupidity, so this was my way to stand out and be unique.

3. Had foot surgery in Portugal.
I can see the jealousy in your face. But that's because you lack commitment. You see, if you were willing to save the sidewalk from a cartful of 17 cases of Book of Mormons as they careened off the 1-inch lip at the bottom of the ramp (don't ask me—I assume it's a Portuguese thing), then you too could have foot surgery in Portugal.

4. Been dragged by a group of scouts during a klondike race.
And people wonder why I hate camping and scouts and teenaged boys . . .

5. Attended a movie premiere with Julia Roberts.
One of the perks to living in NYC and having friends with connections. The movie was Mona Lisa Smile. The movie was okay. I was surprised to discover how short Roberts is. And that's she's actually much prettier in person.

6. Hitchhiked in Wyoming in the middle of winter.
Some things aren't wise. But freshman heading home for Christmas aren't known for their wisdom.

7. Saw Wicked. On Broadway. With the original cast.
I've boasted of this before; I just want to ensure people seethe with jealousy.

8. Marched in the Rose Bowl Parade.
This was a high school thing. I was in the Wyoming High School All-State Centennial Marching Band. If you don't believe me, I still have the uniform and a drum head to prove it.

9. Survived the New York City Blackout of 2003.
Okay. So the blackout hit a far larger area. But even so, I got to watch the black smoke billow out of a nearby generator. And I got to play card games with my roommates. By tea lights. In our undershorts. (It was NYC in August. Trust me, undershorts is overdressed without A/C.)

10. Filled this meme out first.
Some may see this as cheating, but I'm having issues coming up with something else.


Desmama said...

Wow--this was really cool to read. I'll have a whole host of things to ask you more about whenever I see you next (like that hitchhiking one . . . what?!)

Swanky Mommy said...

I don't read your blog enough--OBVIOUSLY. Because HELLO. Mona Lisa Smile--love it. What a blast that must have been. I need more friends like that (hahahaha).